October 7, 2016

{A Glimpse at Little Kristin}

I don't know about anyone else, but I am obsessed with old family pictures. I absolutely love them. Before my grandma went through all her pictures and gave them away to the people they were of, I would sit forever going through this huge tote of pictures that she kept under her bed. She transferred them to a huge trunk that now serves as a coffee table in her living room. I've seen every picture in there so many times.

But what I hadn't seen, were the pictures my grandpa's wife gave me a couple weeks ago. I promptly came home and scanned them. And now, I'm going to post them for you to see!

This just has December 83 written on the back of it. Judging by the rest of the pictures, I'd assume it was a Christmas gathering. That's my grandpa (my moms dad) in this picture with me.

My aunt (moms sister) and me in May of '84 which tells me I had just turned one :).

My mom. Pre-Kristin. She had me when she was 16. She looks the same now as she did then, well her hair anyway lol.

I posted this one on my Facebook. This is from December of 83, that is my grandpa holding me, with a cigarette in my mouth. I find it kind of hilarious. I mean, if someone was to post a picture like this now days, oh boy. CPS would be at the front door before you could close out the browser. But when I was little, when my siblings were little, this was something lots of parents did. I have a picture of my brother somewhere with cotton balls in his ears (chronic ear infections) and a cigarette in his mouth lol. It's the most hilarious picture I've ever seen of him.

My brother when he was probably 15? I don't think he was much older than Gaige is now. And when I saw this picture, I saw Gaige all over it lol. My dads genes are friggin' strong.

My other brother before he went into the military I think. He passed those gifts on to so many different people lol.

Me and my brother at my moms dads house. We were so cute and little!

This one is too much lol. My two cousins (the ones not crying) were in beauty pageants and we drove to Arkansas to watch them in it. We were playing with their N64. Because we're old.

Awww look at my little baby sister. Way back when she didn't drive me up the damn wall. :)

Pretty sure this is after my uncles wedding. That is a celebrity station wagon I'm driving, that's what I learned to drive in. My grandma is right there in the front beside me, my cousin is sitting between us. I think there are other cousins in the back seat lol.