October 22, 2009

Poor Fishies

OK I still don't have that damn virus off my laptop. It's starting to annoy me but thanfully I have my fabulous palm centro :). Keep your fingers crossed that I can get it figured out soon. The sooner the better.

G and the drama queen are getting much better. What sucks is that I still can't find who her doctor is and D doesn't have a clue. Apparently she has never been to him before. I'm about to just take her to the boys' doctor and be done with it. She doesn't have a fever anymore though. Just a cough. Nothing serious. G isn't having any more bloody noses and he was feeling good enough to joke around with me on the phone today. Yay!!

D and I took the kids to walmart tonight. We got Bugs Halloween costume (clown) and looked around for a while. Since it was gross outside there was nothing else to do. We strolled into the pet section to pick up some temp food for the dogs (we ran out of ours yesterday and I couldn't get to the store today), and decided to check out the fish. What we saw was just gross! The tanks are in bad need of a good cleaning. The rocks haven't been changed in months and there were actually DEAD fish in the filters. Oh but that's not the end of it, 1 of the fish was actually decaying...you could see bone. I took pictures. its so disgusting. they're just fish and all, but they should be taken better care of than that.

OK. I better go now I've gotta get some sleep.