October 30, 2009

{I was just day dreaming}

So, if you know me IRL then you know that a few years ago I was engaged. Yes. Engaged. How don't I have a husband you ask? Drama. That's all I'll say about it. K? :) But now that things are going so well with us again, I'm starting to get the itch on my ring finger. I've told D time and time again that I won't pressure him to get engaged. I don't want to push it on him like I did the first time. I basically told him last time that if we weren't engaged after 3yrs that we needed to just forget about it because clearly it was never going to happen. So I got the ring..

  (b-e-a-u-tiful isn't it? huge though. And came up missing while I was in the hospital with Bug.)

So as Christmas approaches I once again have my heart set on getting engaged. Of course I can't get my hopes up because chances are D (who says it'll never happen now) will never get the itch. Doesn't stop me from searching for that perfect ring though lol. And that's what I did today, googled engagement rings. But now I'm going in a more antique direction isntead of the 'princess' cute diamond with a plain silver band. I want a little more bling, with an antique feel. Something that my grandmother would have gotten (although hers is a gold band).

photo credit: bridology.com 

I have fallen in love with this one. I think it's classic and blingy :). I think it's friggin' perfect and if I was choosing a ring for myself (which I did last time) I would absolutely want something like this. It's a 3/4 carat art deco with matching wedding band. How can you not fall in love with this ring? Of course who could look at engagement rings without also looking at wedding dresses?

Should I get married I want something simple. No big fancy wedding. Something outdoors and small with just family and friends. ;) Which means a big princess ball gown isn't going to fit in real well. So I want something A-line, sort of vintagy but still a tad bit modern.

photo credit: bride.ca 

Of course I would want the pink sash ;).

OK- I'm done lol.