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October 10, 2016

{5 Doggie DIY's!}

If you're home is anything like ours, our dogs are part of our family. I take them to the doctor, they roam our house, I worry about them when they're sick. They are just like my two other kids that happen to have fur and four legs. I've had Boss since he was five weeks old (far too young to be away from his doggy mommy) and he grew up with Gaige. Owen was just four when we got Prissy from my aunt and so they grew up together too. I love that! I grew up with three dogs (Pomeranian, Samoyed, and Scottish Terrier) and I loved them.

So when I say that our dogs are part of our family, they are real members of this family. So because I know I'm not the person to feel that way, especially not when there are so many people choosing to skip having kids altogether and just get a dog.

So here are five cute doggy DIY's for all you puppy lovers out there! I'm even thinking of doing some of these and I am not a crafty girl lol.

1. The creative mind over at Crafty Morning thought these cute little salt dough Christmas ornaments up. I've made salt dough ornaments with my kids before, they're so cute and so easy!

 2. Amanda over at Dog Mom Days made this adorable pet toy box! And which one of us pet parents couldn't use another one of these? You can never have too much storage for the dog toys. Am I right?

3. How cute is this leash and poop bag holder I found on Every Day Dishes? I need one.

4. I love baking for my pups. Boss has a super sensitive tummy and he can't have most of the store bought treats :(. So when I came across these over at 12 Tomatoes I knew I had to share them! I am totally going to pick up one of those trays!

5. I wish I would have seen something like this when Prissy was a puppy. She loved to destroy every single toy we got for her. This idea on Leopold's Crate is genius!

So there you have it! If you make any of these awesome puppy DIY's be sure to drop your link or a picture in the comments or on facebook/twitter and let me see!