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January 30, 2017

{I Have The Weirdest Dreams}

So lately I've been having the strangest dreams ever. I usually don't remember a lot of them when I wake up but last nights was just too weird and my brain was like No she needs to remember this shit lol. But what's annoying is right now as I'm writing this, I can only remember the part about having a baby!

Yes folks, I was pregnant in my dream last night. Stop laughing like that! I am not pregnant. I think it's just my brains way of processing the fact that some of my friends are still having babies. Or they're at least open to the idea if they're not actively trying. And even though I know we don't need or want any more kids (I mean, Owen is nine. In nine years, I'll be an empty nester!), there's this part of me that loves having a newborn so much that I wouldn't mind it. Ya know what I mean? I know you do.

But in this dream, it's not like I was having this baby and everything was all hunky dory. Oh no. That would be too simple for my brain.

I was actually not having D's baby. Nope. I think in the dream we broke up or something and I got pregnant by someone else. He just kept defending me to his family and friends saying, we were apart for a little while and we both hooked up with other people and she got knocked up. That's awful nice of him right? Especially since if that actually happened here on earth, he would drop be like a bad habit lol.

Anyway, so we're looking at this baby after I have it, and it looks like Doug Funny from the Nickelodeon show Doug lol.

Why my baby would look like Doug, I have zero idea. But there he was, all pink and big nose.

That's right about the time I woke up cause my phone started buzzing with texts from my sister.  I'm kind of annoyed cause I really wanted to know why he looked like that haha!