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February 16, 2013

{A work in progress Pt 1}

Almost 3 years after we moved in and I'm just now getting to paint the living room. *sigh* We're so...broke lol. But here it is so far.

The Befores:

The living room.

The built in's the are right outside the bedroom door & in the living room.

Painted orange with brown floors, trim, and built in's.

The livingroom all torn up while painting lol. I love it!

 The new couch! Thank you Costco!!

The trim isn't done yet, we went to buy the rest of it and it was all gone. Annoying. And the ceiling is being painted white tomorrow. I hate painting at this point lol. I just want the damn room done. We'll still have to get the rods for the sheers (windows) and the crown molding (white also). It's coming together quite nicely though and I'm glad that it's finally ours. Before it was just a house we lived in and someone else decorated it. Now it's mine, ours, it's something I did. Ya know? I love it :).

I'll post more updates as we get things done :). I'm hoping the white ceiling will brighten up the room and make the ceiling a little higher (even though they're already 10ft).