January 4, 2017

{Disney Bound | Animal Kingdom | Disney Springs}

On our last day at Disney World we headed to Animal Kingdom. Now this was sort of our off day. We knew it was a relatively small park and that there weren't a lot of big rides (or even small ones). It feels more like a huge zoo when you get down to it. We had even originally planned on just skipping it, but because we had done Magic Kingdom and gotten everything in that we wanted to, we decided to go ahead and see it. Why not right? Any Disney park is a good Disney park :).

On arrival, we were excited to see Chip and Dale right off the bat. There was no long line or anything to see them, they just stood there and let people walking up to them get a picture with them. The park itself even seemed quieter. A much different pace than Magic Kingdom the day before. Not overly crowded and the weather was pretty nice. Kind of chilly even.

We went right to DinoLand (which was in the opposite direction the rest of the crowd was headed).

To be completely honest, the whole place was kind of like a local carnival. The roller coaster we went on was pretty cool. A lot bigger than we thought it would be and enjoyable, even for Owen. There was face painting and carnival games that you had to buy tickets for in one section.

 We moved on from that after the face painting and headed toward the Dinosaur ride!

We stood in line for a good hour to ride this one. We weren't super pleased since the wait time didn't reflect how long it actually was. But the ride itself was pretty cool.

After that it was sort of a lot of meandering. Since there weren't a ton of attractions that we were considering must do's at this part of the park, we kept our pace slow. It was good that we did because we passed by Donald, Russel, and Pocahontas!

 We got to the heart of the park and had lunch, not the most amazing food but it also wasn't horrible (no one got sick like at Epcot so that was a plus).

D and I road the Yeti, one of the best coasters I've been on in a long time! If you're going, you must do it!

We also did the Safari! I thought it was going to be more zooish but no, it was pretty friggin' cool. I think it was Dawn's favorite part of the whole trip.


 Then while I rested my feet, D took Gaige, Dawn, and Owen through the Gorilla exhibit. You can see footage of that in the vlog on my Youtube!

After that it was time to head out. We were seeing more and more of those damn cheer leaders coming in. We headed back to the resort to swim for the rest of the afternoon. Then D and I went to Disney Springs to check that out. We took the boat over from Port Orleans Riverside.

It was pretty enjoyable. Once we got to the Disney Springs it was kind of a cluster though because no one bothered to tell anyone getting off that they would be doing a lights show or something and wouldn't be running the boat back for 30 minutes. Now, that wouldn't have been an issue for me but D was done about 10 minutes after he got there (which seemed to be the theme for everything we did...).

 You can see more pictures on the vlog.

But that ends our Disney Adventure! I was so sad to go home. I loved being there! I can't wait to go back again! Next time I'll just go with Owen though. The other three didn't care for it at all.