January 27, 2017

{Spent All Day in the Hospital}

About five years ago I was woken up in the middle of the night to D crawling across the bedroom door saying babe between gasps for air. I was so scared, I had no idea what to do. I thought maybe I could get him to the hospital on my own but then I realized I'd never even get him to my car. I called his dad who lives just about ten minutes from us in the same town, when he didn't pick up, I called his best friend. Someone I knew would pick up. I barely got D can't breathe and he needs to go to the hospital out of my mouth before he was out the door and pulling up in front of our house. A few hours later, they came home with a scrip for an inhaler (D does have asthma) and the information that it was his gallbladder acting up. This was the beginning.

In the last year D has been sick way more than he ever has since we got together. To the point where he actually went to the doctor a few times, which might not be much to some people, but he doesn't go to the doctor. Ever. So if he's making a trip to see one, it's bad.

Finally he got a hold of a doctor that told him exactly what was wrong with him. They ran tests, and found that his gallbladder had basically shut down. Every time he ate anything that wasn't a raw vegetable, he would get insane heartburn. If he over exerted himself in any kind of way, he was completely wiped. I'm honestly surprised he made it through Disney with just one incident.

So today, finally, they took out his gallbladder. But of course because it's us, it couldn't just be the hour long procedure it was supposed to be. Oh no.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:22am to check in. They took him back to prep him shortly after. We sat there in the little prep room from then until 2pm when I had to leave to go get the boys from school. He was scheduled for surgery at 2pm so I figured he'd be done by the time I got back. When I got back from dropping the kids at home, I was met by the receptionist that told me, yes he was finished. That was at almost 3:30pm. I sat there until almost 5pm waiting for them to call me or come get me to bring me to him. If you've ever had to sit in a waiting room past when your spouse was supposed to be done, you know it's a little nerve wrecking. The screen saying where each patient was said that he was in recovery two (meaning he was awake but not ready to go home). But when no one is coming to get you or letting you know what's happening other than everything went fine, you tend to get a little antsy.

Finally having been brought back to him, I saw him sitting on the bed. He was sitting up and kind of talking. He seemed coherent which put my mind at ease. The nurse was pretty shocked that he was bending over putting on socks and underwear that soon after having surgery. She said she has never seen someone that comfortable with moving after surgery before.

Unfortunately, just because he was able to do things he shouldn't have been able to do, doesn't mean he got to go home. He had thrown up right after they woke him up so they had to wait to make sure he could function and he wasn't having a bad reaction to the anesthetic. We sat there until almost 7pm. He was fine for a little while, then he got super sick again. They gave him anti nausea meds and we kept having to wait for the meds to kick in and see if they were going to help. Finally they gave him a patch and we were able to leave.

I dropped him off at home, where he promptly went to bed. I picked up his scrip for pain pills and then stopped to grab pizza for the kids. I am completely done for the day. I hate sitting in hospitals. It always wipes me out.

I am so glad all that is finally over. With any luck this is the cause of his problems and removing it will help.

So that's what I did today folks. What did you do on this freezing cold hump day?