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January 11, 2017

{Week 1 With the Fitbit Alta}

Let me start this off much like the last fitbit post I made, this my opinion. I am basing this off of my experience with the tracking device I purchased. That is all. Since I know there are probably plenty of other moms (or people in general) out there searching for the best fitness tracker for them, I figured it would be good to just throw my opinion into the mix. So here you go!

I have had the Fitbit Flex for about two years now. Although I loved it, I had out grown it. While the Flex was a great starter tracker for me, I wanted something with a few more features. I'd gotten the hang of the app and how to get the most out of wearing a fitness tracker. I needed something that would help me track just a little better.

So on the hunt I went. I thought about Flex 2. But ultimately decided against it. Although it's brand new and appealing, it's not a lot different than the Flex I already have. Aside from being water proof, which I liked, but I'm not a swimmer and just being able to wear it in the shower didn't appeal to me too much. I looked at others, I liked the Charge HR, but I'm not a runner. So I wasn't really looking to monitor my heart rate. That's when I remembered that my aunt had gotten an Alta and she said she really liked it. So off I went in search of reviews. As much as I love my aunt, her needs are not my needs. So before I went and spent a bunch of money on something, I wanted to make sure it was something I could use and that would work for me.

I went through a few different YouTube videos before deciding that yes, this was the tracker for me. But then I saw the $130 price tag on the fitbit store and I kind of balked. I hate spending that kind of money on anything for myself. I'll drop all kinds of cash on my kids or on D, but when it comes to me I'd rather not. I think this comes from being broke more than I've had money lol. #singlemomproblems Am I right? But, being the smart woman that I am, I knew that being the beginning of a new year, there would probably be plenty of people looking to sell their slightly used trackers on local yard sale groups. So I checked Varage Sale and sure enough, I found one! Not only was it an Alta in perfect condition with the box, but it was the color I wanted too! The Tiffany Blue (of course they call it teal lol).

The best part, was that the woman selling it only had it listed for $100! So I messaged her right away and picked it up the next day!

I put it on the minute I picked it up (as she was nice enough to have it all charged up for me). I immediately noticed a difference in quality. The band is a little less plastic feeling (although that's exactly what it is. And the Fitbit part of it, is quite a bit heavier.

So I've had it for about a week now, and I'll tell you what folks, I love this thing! I love that when it vibrates I'm not guessing what it's trying to tell me, or having to reach for my phone, the message pops right up on the screen. I love that when I'm on the treadmill I don't have to constantly check my phone to see if the tracker is picking up my steps and minutes, I can simply tap the band and there it is, my progress. I feel like it's a little more sensitive than the Flex also. I didn't have to put it on my shoe to walk on the treadmill, though I did make a conscious effort to swing my arm so my wrist kept moving. I think you have to do that with all the trackers though don't you? I did still put it in my pocket when I went shopping at Target because I knew I would be pushing the cart and it wouldn't register movement. So that's kind of annoying, but I get it.

I have hit my step goal every day that I've actually walked on my treadmill with this tracker. I know that's not the tracker, it's me. But still...it happened lol.

I also like that you can allow it to vibrate for when you get a text message and a call. This comes in handy when my phone is in one room and I'm in another. I can see who's calling without running to my phone. My cousin said that she loves that my aunt got this one simply because it does that lol. When she's not wearing it, she never answers her phone apparently lol.

The battery life has been pretty good too. I've only charged it once since getting it. I had to charge my Flex about every three or four days. Which I often didn't do because I'd forget. With the battery power showing right there when I tap the band, I know that I need to plug in soon.

So there you have it folks. My little review of my Fitbit Alta! I hope you enjoyed it.