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January 6, 2017

{New Years Goals!}

Happy New Year everyone!!

I'm not great at New Years resolutions. In fact, I suck at them. So I don't make them. Instead, I make goals. And this year is no different. As I sit here watching Lifetime, I thought I'd write down what mine are this year. Feel free to leave yours in the comments, or tweet me!

1. Hit My Step Goal!
I bought this new fitbit alta and I intend to use it, every single day. I've started my own little step challenge and I intend on meeting my step goal every single day this year!

2. Let It Go
This year, like a few years ago, I'm going to take the opportunity to let go of those that are not bringing positive things into my life. If you're nothing but constant drama, bye. If you only call me when you want something, bye. I have no room for these people in my bubble anymore.

3. Concentrate on the fit, not the scale.
I'm still going to be weighing myself, but I'm not going to let the number on the scale control my life. I want to fit into my clothes far more than I want to see a right number. As much as I do want to be my goal weight, letting that number control my happiness every week is nothing but a headache.

4. Grow my blog and my channel
I want to push myself to vlog at least once a week or maybe a couple times a month. It depends on what I'm doing lol. I'm also thinking of doing a weight loss series on my youtube. We shall see, nothing has been set in stone. But I really want to grow my channel and grow my blog this year.

I think those are some pretty good goals, don't you? What are your New Year goals?

Happy 2017!