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January 16, 2017

{Homeschooling Again?}

I never thought I would doing this again, or even talking about it. When I signed Gaige back up for public school, I figured he would graduate with the kids he was with in that school and everything would be golden. I was wrong. So wrong.

This year has been nothing but troubles for my oldest son. He hates school. He doesn't like going. He doesn't like the teachers or the kids. He is defiant beyond words at school and it's spilling over into home too. Which of course he gets in trouble for because I don't put up with that shit. I have had meetings with his teachers and they all say the same things, that he just refuses to do most of the work.

His math teacher in particular tells me over and over that they have a daily problem they just have to copy from the board into their math notebook and he doesn't do it. That was something that she actually kept bringing up and then again today when I emailed everyone to ask what work he could do to raise his grades, she brought it up again. I know it's not her fault that his grades are bad, he just has to put forth the smallest of effort to bring it up. But I don't care about the 5pt crap. I want to know what actual work he needs to do and apparently she isn't that concerned with that? I don't know. It's all she has brought up so far so it must really annoy the piss out of her lol.

Anyway, yesterday when Gaiges principal called to tell me that he was refusing to sit in any of his classes and that he was just being an over all pain in the ass (not what the principal said obviously lol), I said that was the last straw. I'm fed up. I'm pissed to be honest. So as of right now, my 14 year old son is without phone, TV, PS4, and tablet. He has also been grounded from his bike, he has to ride the bus to school in the morning and he rides home with me after school (since I pick up Owen anyway). He's bored as hell but to tell you the truth, I don't care. I'm hoping that taking everything will help him. Less distractions and all that.

It seemed to work so far because he actually did his homework today. He also started working on a speech that is due on Friday. But this one week isn't going to help him with his grades. Not enough anyway.

Why would I pull him instead of just making him buckle down and get it done? Well that's what I'm trying to decide. Do I want to pull him now or have him finish out the rest of the year? D says that we should just pull him now, but to be totally honest, I want him to finish the year. He can start 8th grade next year online if that's what we decide. But I don't want to pull him with just five months left to go. Ya know?

Actually, I think writing this out has just helped me decide that he will finish out the year. If I stay on top of it, and his teachers actually come through with letting me knew what his assignments are and what he needs to do for them, we should be able to help him pass his classes. Even if it's just by the skin of his teeth.

But that's what's going on with him now. *Sigh* I really wish school wasn't so hard for him.