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February 8, 2013

{Puppy Adventures!}

We have lived in this town for 2 years and today (of all days) I chose to go to the dog park. It's freezing out. My phone tells me it's 30*. I'm shivering just thinking about it! But Boss and Prissy have been cooped up all winter and really needed a release. So off we went.

Boss found a fun spot to begin his adventure right out of the gate!

Prissy chose to run between me and daddy for most of the trip. That seems the most fun!

She was so excited to run that she could hardly contain herself!

And of course they took turns peeing on every single thing in the fenced area. Including the fence.
"You can not have all the mommy attention Boss Hogg!!"-- as she smashed into him.
Boss ended his adventure in mommy's coat :-) He was one shivering little booger.
So there you have it. Adventures in puppy land :-). Who doesn't love to see pics of a sweet little puppy? OK OK!! They're not puppies, he's 8 and she's 1 but they're still just puppies ;-)