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January 18, 2017

{He Bought WHAT?!}

Oh lordy you guys. I don't think my mom brain can handle what I just had to deal with today. I just can't even process how I'm supposed to handle this. Well, I guess I won't handle, I'll let his dad handle it. Cause lord knows no one wants to talk about this with their mother. Especially not when you're a fourteen year old boy.

Yes folks, this has to do with s-e-x. I'm not even able to say it in the same post when I'm talking about my fourteen year old. #notready

Today when I checked the mail, as I do most days, I noticed a small box on the porch. D told me that he had ordered some kind of light for work so I figured it was that. Until I noticed it was addressed to Gaige. A little puzzled I brought it in.

For Christmas he got a bunch of gift cards and cash. He used D's Amazon account for a couple of purchases but I figured maybe he decided to just make an account of his own so he wouldn't have to ask to buy things all the time.

I handed it off to D, thinking nothing of it because like I said, I figured he got an amazon account and was buying junk lol.

About ten minutes later he goes to open this mystery box. He looks up at me completely shocked and confused and says "uh, these are condoms". I just sat there blinking for a second unsure of what the hell was happening and why he would make such a stupid joke. Then he says it again, holding up a three pack of Trojans.

Yes folks. My heart did stop. And yes I did shed a silent tear for my sons youth, since it's clearly slipping by at a rapid rate.

I told D that he gets to talk to him about it. I can't. Not only did I not want to, but I didn't feel like it was my place when he has a dad right here.

So we dropped it. Saying that until we know why he bought them, we shouldn't stress about it. Easier said than done when my baby is buying condoms on the internet!

When he got home from school today, I took his phone (he's actually grounded from it anyway) and started going through it. To be honest, I do this every now and then anyway. I pay for it, I bought the phone, it's mine! I'll do what I want with it.

Going through his text messages with one of his friends I found the word condoms and zeroed in!

Turns out his friend is dating some girl (his friend is in high school) and Gaige bought the condoms as a joke. I'm not sure what bothers me more, that he even knows what a condom is, or that his friends are to the point where they could potentially use them.

I'm not excited about any of it lol. I suppose if he was buying them for himself though at least he knows to be safe.

So that's what it's like parenting a fourteen year old boy folks. Welcome to my life.