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February 7, 2013

{My kids names are awesome!}

I have been naming my kids since I was 13. I think most girls do this. I had a male and female name picked out when I was in high school (no idea what those were now lol), but the time I actually got pregnant with my first child, I'd changed my mind.

Gaige (G) Alexander was my first. That was not his name. For about 7mo (because I was on the fence about adoption for the first couple months) he was Nickolas Alexander. How did I come up with that name? Isn't it obvious? Nick Carter & A.J. McLean 2 out of 5 Backstreet Boys ;-). When I went into labor his SD (sperm donor) and I were walking the halls of the hospital trying to jump start full on labor and he said, "What about Gaige?" I liked the name, I wasn't in love with it. But I gave it to him anyway. I thought at the least there wouldn't 10 other little boys with his name in his class right? But I stuck with Alexander. I was going to get a Backstreet Boy in there somewhere. So it stuck. And he is a "Gaige". I couldn't imagine him being any other name.

Owen (little boy) Michael Dwight; the baby. I concealed his name for 9mo. I called him junior. No one knew my plans for his name at all. At first though I was going to name him Carter Dwight (since Nick didn't work out the first time around lol). But D said "Hell NO!" Blah. So I decided "hey, why not get familial with it?" I chose David (after D) Michael Dwight. Yeah. But during labor, when the nurse asked me what I was gonna name him I said "Owen" out of nowhere. So that was his name. Michael is my father. Dwight is my grandfather who passed of cancer a few years ago. I knew that no matter what his name was, Dwight would be in it some how. I could not name this baby without including him. No way. And since I was the one filling out the papers, Owen Michael Dwight it was.

Dawn Marie (Drama Queen) is named after D's mother who passed when he was a kid.

Tristen (T) Nathanial Dean was named after Tristan & Isolde which was a movie D loved at the time I guess. This is obviously 2nd hand story because I wasn't there lol. Nathanial I have no idea where that came from, but I know Dean is after his mothers father.

So there you go. That's how my kids got their names :)

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