January 25, 2017

{"I'm Not a Baby Anymore!"}

The words no mother is prepared to hear come out of her youngest child's mouth. Not just your youngest but your last. Owen is my last baby. This is the last time I'll have someone in elementary school. Not only that but this is his last year in the little little kid school. Next year he is switching to the fourth through sixth grade school. I can not stress how not ready I am for this.

He has already stressed to me that he is no longer a baby. Of course I do the pout face and pretend to cry and he says but I'm still your baby mom. I know. The pout face and pretending to cry isn't going to work much longer. Another thing I'm just not prepared for.

What prompted my sudden sadness over my baby no longer being a baby?

Since we moved in to this house, well, actually since before we moved in, Gaige and Owen have shared a room. When they were little the five year age gap didn't seem like a big deal. They were both little and still interested in the same things for the most part.

But within the last couple years, that five year age gap has started to seem more like a fifteen year gap. Gaige wants to be with his friends and out fishing and doing his own thing. Owen likes to spend time on PS4 or his tablet or phone. He's not super outdoorsy (although if he's in the mood he enjoys all that stuff too). They don't have that much in common anymore is what I'm trying to say here.

So I decided that over the past weekend, it was time to separate them. We have an extra room that we use as the toy room (or the play station room). It's just the right size for a nine year old's bedroom. Gaige helped me move Owens bed in there and then his dresser. We cleaned up the room, went through books they don't read anymore. I set up the TV and PS4 on top of his dresser and made him go through the video games to make sure everything was in the right box, or in a box at all. I found two broken Disney Infinity characters that I get to super glue back together (when I figure out where the glue went or remember to buy more). I washed his sheets and put those back on his bed.

Tucking him in that night was so sad. He has been sleeping in my room or on the couch since we moved in here. I know he's nine and it's time for him to sleep in his own room, past time actually. But to tell you the truth, I kind of don't care. I love that he still needs me to sleep, since ya know, he doesn't need me for all that much anymore.

He has no issues sleeping in his new room. He loves it in fact. Which makes me even more sad because it's one more thing he doesn't need me for. I knew this was going to be a down hill type of thing when he stopped nursing (when he was three people, I'm not still nursing my nine year old).

I was going to take a picture of this new room set up, but then I walked up stairs and it looks like a bomb exploded up there already. So no. I'm not taking that picture until he gets up there and cleans it up lol.