January 9, 2017

{I'm Going to Complain}

I am seven kinds of annoyed right now and I feel like I need to get it off my chest or I'm going to freak out on someone.

I'm starting the New Year with a rant. I know. Annoying. But I can't help it. I feel like I need to get this off my chest or I'm going to go crazy.

When I first bought the tickets for the Backstreet Boys Vegas show (yay!) I knew who I wanted to go with me. She and I had been to countless concerts, she had taken me to my very first Backstreet Boys concert even. I knew she would have a good time. She had also already been

to Vegas and could tell me what to expect (since I'd only been there once when I was 15). She was very excited that I'd asked her to come and thought we would have a good time too.

Almost immediately she started making demands about the trip. When I told her I wanted to fly out the day before, to go the concert, and then get up and leave the next day, she insisted that we stay longer. I'm not going all the way to Vegas to stay the night and come home I believe were the exact words she used. So even though I had no desire to actually be in Vegas longer than that, I agreed (with some coaxing from D). Then she started in on me the hotel. Saying that while her and her husband were there, they stayed at the Luxor in a suit and she wanted to stay there again. I get a discount through the fan club so I told her I would book that hotel if it was affordable. Keep in mind that I'm the one paying for this whole trip and she wouldn't have even been going had I not invited her. 

After searching for flights and not finding anything I could afford (we were paying for our own tickets) I suggested we road trip out there. I'm not too keen on flying anyway. I have always been of the opinion that had God intended for me to fly he'd have given me wings. Since I'm not a bug or a bird of some kind, I don't see the point. She seemed excited about it but needed to clear it with her husband first (because they have that kind of relationship). I figured he would say no, that he didn't want her to do that, but to my surprise, nope. He agreed that it sounded like fun! I was pretty excited about that. Everyone knows how much I love a road trip. And with my new car, we would save a bunch of money on gas.

We had decided to stop half way and get a hotel room, since it's a 24 hour drive. Even with that hotel room expense, it would still be cheaper (not to mention more fun) to drive. I figured our plans were good and everything was fine. We could finalize everything when it got closer.

Then she texts me and says that her husband thought D was going with us. That he didn't think us driving alone was a good idea. My initial reply was WTF? This is 2017, not 1980. We would both have cell phones, GPS, and I have road side assistance. If it came down to it and we were really in a pickle, D could have gotten to us by plane in just a couple hours. I told her all of this. I also told her that we are two adult females, not children, and we can handle ourselves on a road trip. She seemed fine with it after that. I guess her husband dropped it because she didn't say anything about it again.

Fast forward to before Christmas, she texts and says she didn't realize we would be driving through the mountains and she would rather not. I didn't quite understand this excuse. I have driven through (well, I wasn't behind the wheel but I'd been in the vehicle) the mountains on both coasts and it was no big deal. In fact, D and I had driven through them on our way to Florida, no issues what so ever. I told her all of this. She seemed fine with it. I told her that if she was that uncomfortable with driving alone, that D was toying with the idea of going anyway and I could just tell him he needed to go. She said no, that she was looking forward to the girls trip. She thought it would be fun for just us to go. All was fine again.

Alrighty, so then fast forward again to a few days ago. I get a text at 10pm saying that she found plane tickets for $300 and she would rather fly. And cue me being super annoyed. I could just about see how this was going to go. We were going to go back and forth for the six months. She would come up with excuse after excuse for why she couldn't drive, then she would go back to it not being a big deal and she thought it was a good idea. So, even though I didn't want to, I told her that if she wasn't going to drive, then maybe D should just go with me. She didn't argue with me about it, or try to convince me to fly or say voice any kind of concern. She simple said OK, that's fine.

I haven't heard from her since. Which doesn't surprise me, as she is one of those people that want to complain they never see you but don't want to actually out any effort to see you. I'm beyond annoyed with the whole situation.

So now it'll just be D and I road tripping to Vegas to see my beloved BSB.