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December 6, 2012

{And when the snow is falling down down down...}

That's when Santa's back in town town town..that's when it's Christmas time again. La Da Lada Lada lol. Oh Backstreet Boys..you make my heart flutter :)

Anyway- so we are almost done Christmas shopping! So I thought I'd share with you what we have (so far). We're not going all out this year like we have in the past. We just can't afford it. We have too many kids. The 2 older ones are just getting money (or we might fix the teenagers ipad for her, we don't know. She should be more careful with it) so that's why I'm not listing what they're getting :).

Drama Queen
Under the tree
1. Eiffel Tower themed lap desk
2. Nintendo DS Lite
3. Jewelry stand that looks like a ballerina
4. DS purse to put her DS and games in
5. 2 pairs of jeans
6. 2 shirts (the jeans and shirts are wrapped as outfits)
7. Monster High make up kit
Stocking Stuffers
1. Monster High Erasers
2. Head Bands
3. Nail Buffer
4. Nail Polish (hard candy)
5. Panties
6. Perfume samples (Juicy Couture & Paris Hilton)
7. Razors (cause she's at that age lol)
8. Shaving cream
9. Monster High Stickers
10. Tooth Brush/Paste travel kit
11. Wallet
12. Cupcake scented Lotion

Yeah...she's super done when it comes to stocking stuffers. I refuse to buy anything else lol.

The Big Boy (G)
Under the tree
1. Soft air gun (that looks like a pistol..he's been drooling over it for a month)
2. Holster for gun
3. Glove (I have no idea what that's for but D got it for him lol)
4. Thermus
5. Metal Detector
Stocking Stuffers
1. Captain America Poster
2. Spiderman Stickers
3. Glow in the dark stars (for their ceiling)
4. Tooth Brush/Paste travel kit
5. Light up bouncy ball
6. Co2 Cartridges for the gun

Yeah..he needs way more. He is SO hard to shop for though! I miss the days when I could get him anything and he loved it lol.

Little Boy (Bug)
Under the tree
1. Cars Stylus for DS (he is constantly losing the little one that comes with it)
2. Avengers Costume pack (Hulk & Captain America)
3. Jeans & Shirt packaged together to make an outfit
4. Pillow Pet
5. Halo Spartain
6. Innotab 2 (the one without wifi cause I am not that crazy lol)
7. Car charger & Regular charger for Innotab
8. Toy Story game for Innotab
Stocking Stuffers
1. Captain America poster
2. Cars Silverware (cause he lost his fork to the TS ones lol)
3. Glow in the dark stars (like G's)
4. Avengers Stickers
5. Tooth Brush/Paste travel kit
6. Hulk Piggy Bank (he has been bugging me for a bank for a while now but the ones he sees are always so girly).

So yeah, the boys need way more in the stockings department. G needs a couple more gifts for under the tree too. But Bug is pretty much done for under the tree stuff. He's gonna freak when he sees that Innotab :).

What are you getting your kids? I was thinking of maybe getting them each a set of PJ's too? I don't know yet though. I like for them each to get at least 1 new outfit so they can wear it Christmas day out to my grandparents house. But I don't want them to get mainly clothes lol. That's no fun. Then again, that's what Drama Queen asked for other than the DS. What do ya'll think?