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December 2, 2012

{No denying it now}


This here is a picture of my first tattoo. I was dating a guy at the time with a friend who did tattoos and I got one :). I don't regret him one bit (the tattoo...the guy I regret to this day lol). Soon after I got him I wanted another. But me and the guy broke up and so on and so forth. I've been planning tattoos for years. I like them to mean something and for them to be a reminder of a time in my life I don't soon want to forget. Which is true for the bunny. He helps me to remember that I'm worth more than what I thought I was at the time.


And here is my 2nd tattoo. This "I love you" is written by D. He thought it was dumb of me to get something like that on such a public spot but its what I wanted :). Its honestly the next best thing to a name tattoo which I will not do.

And five minutes after leaving the shop where I got this done...I wanted another one lol. I'm planning it as we speak ;).