October 19, 2016

{One Month with Binx!}

I can hardly believe we have had this sweet little devil cat with us for an entire month. Although he wasn't planned (as many of our pets were not), he's become such a part of our family that I don't remember what it was like without him.

He is by far the sweetest kitten I have ever encountered. Such a ham. Such a lover. Such huge pain in the ass at 3am.

He has grown quite a bit in the last month. At the first vet appointment I took him to he was three pounds.

The day I went to pick him up!
At his last vet appointment (last week) he was four pounds!

His last vet appointment. See how big he is compared to the last time?

While we're on the subject of the vet, I don't think I've ever been to the vet with an animal quite as much as I have with him. And I know for a fact that he has been on more meds in the past month than either of my dogs or Erma have been on in the twelve years I've been an animal mommy.

When I picked him up from the vet I was under the impression that he had already had his first set of kitten shots, been tested for feline HIV, and been neutered. Turns out that's not the case. Oh he was neutered and he had been tested for HIV (negative) but he hadn't had his first round of kitten shots. I wasn't too concerned with that. I mean, I had to take him to the vet anyway because he was a new pet. The first day we had him I knew something was a little off about his breathing. He sounded raspy, not normal at all. Turns out I was right, he had a repertory infection, he got antibiotics for that. We also did the poop test for any parasites.

A week later I get a call from the vet telling me that his poop test came back positive for giardia. Which explained his stinky poops. Lovely. So he got two meds for that.

When I took him back for his last appointment, his giardia was all cleared up (thank the lord!) but now he has some kind of infection in his eye. So he's on meds for that.

It's insane. I've never in my life had an animal with so many problems, small as they may be. But, he's still little snuggle bug and I love him :).

He is by far the most cuddly kitten I've ever had! And he loves everyone in the house and has no problem just flopping down on or next to them and expecting them to pet him.

Our nightly routine is usually him running around the house after the kids go to bed, chasing random things. Then once I finally go to bed he comes in about five minutes later and instead of just laying down next to me, he flops down on my chest and starts purring lol. I pet him for a minute or two and then go back to whatever I was doing on my phone. Which annoys him so he sits up and flops down in a different position lol. I have a feeling this will be less pleasant and a lot less cute when he's ten pounds.

He sleeps with me every single night. Except, of course, on the nights that D is home and then he is banished to the living room or upstairs because he likes to climb on him thinking he's Owen. He curls up right around my neck and purrs for the better part of the night. Also something that probably won't be as cute when he's ten pounds lol.

The food situation is good. I know that sometimes switching a pets food is rough for a little while, but he took to the new food right away and hasn't had a problem at all. We switched him from the gross Purina that his foster and shelter were feeding him, to Merrick's Kitten formula. It agrees with him I think.

So there you have it. I am completely in love with this cat. I've always been a cat person, but after Suzi I didn't really bond with another one. As cute as I thought they were. But him, I don't know, I think he was just meant to be with us :).