July 9, 2016

{New Glasses!!}

If you wear glasses then you know how thrilling it is to get a new pair. Or maybe it's just me. I have always loved getting new glasses. Even when I was wearing contacts in my teens I loved having a pair of glasses too, which wasn't common when at that time. Now everyone seems to have both. Anyway, my favorite part about needing new ones was always getting to pick them out. My grandma would take me to the eye doctor and I'd get to sift through a bunch of frames and find just the right pair. Of course, there was that one time where my grandma insisted my lenses be two different colors (blue on top, pink on the bottom) to make it look like I was wearing makeup even if I wasn't. That was stupid.

Once I became an adult I stopped getting what I liked and started getting what was cheap and what public aid would pay for. And let me tell you folks, the state is stingy with its money (as if we didn't already know that right?). The last pair I got, we sprung for a decent pair (since we were finally off public aid and had insurance through D's job). They weren't awful. I wasn't in love with them but they got the job done.

I have had this pair for about five or six years now. And I was recently trying to talk myself into getting new ones. The nose pieces were becoming really flimsy and would constantly bend so that they were hardly holding up the frames. It was incredibly annoying. As luck would have it, while attempting to adjust them one day, one of them decided to just pop off. D tried to fix it but it was no use. I just had to bite the bullet and go searching for a new pair.

In the mean time D and I headed to Costco to see if we could get a trial pair of contacts so that I wouldn't have to wear crooked glasses for two weeks. I got some. But while I was standing there I also spotted Tiffany and Co glasses frames!

I have an addiction to Tiffany items. Of course, I don't own anything because I was too cheap spend that kind of money on anything that wasn't absolutely needed.

I tried on all of them and ended up selecting these.

I have always loved black frames. Gaige has some and they look so cute on him! But I was pretty unsure about how they would look on me. D said he liked them though and that they suited me and my face.

So that's what I got folks. I got some awesome friggin glasses! I also got a Tiffany cleaning cloth, glasses bag, and case! I am so in love with them!

The frames are pretty amazing and feel like they might hold up pretty good. They don't have nose pieces so I don't have to worry about that. The only thing I see becoming an issue is when I wear makeup. They're so close to face that chances are they're going to rub makeup off. But since I haven't been bothering to do much with my face lately, I'm not overly worried about it.