July 5, 2016

{Teenagers Today & 4th of July!}

For the past few years D and I have been going to the local high school football field to watch the fireworks. We pay around $20 to get in the gate and then there's food/drinks (including lemon shake ups!) and music. They sell those glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces too. The kids can run around the football field and play, tire themselves out so that they're sure to pass out when we get home. We usually have a pretty good time. We tend to sit in the same spot, near the bathrooms and close enough to the exit that we don't have to fight the crowd to get out. It works out great!

This year though, it wasn't quite as fun as it usually is. The weather was good, although I was praying for more of a breeze. The band they usually had playing was replaced by a military band, they weren't bad.

Who am I kidding? They were so boring I couldn't hardly stay awake. It was awful. Hopefully they won't be back next year. They played elevator music the entire time. *Yawn*

As the fireworks were about to start three teenagers came walking up and sat down next to us. One of them smoking and D told him to put it out, which he did. But one of the others kept giving him dirty looks. Rude.

Then a group of those teenagers friends showed up. Yelling behind us and dropping F bombs all over the place. Now my kids don't have virgin ears. They've heard people cuss, it's not a big deal. The problem was how obnoxious these kids were being with it. And loud! We could hear their BS over the friggin' music (at this point they'd turned on a radio station) and the fireworks!

You know what? When I was a teenager it seemed like kids were a lot more respectful. Did we act like dumbasses? Absolutely. Did we pull some BS of our own? Duh. But when there were families and kids around, we tended to be quieter and a lot more...well, respectful. There wasn't a lot of cussing and if adults started looking at us like we were being rude, we left or knocked our shit off. I don't know what happened between then or now, but today's youth (for the love of chicken nuggets I sound old!) is just insane.

So there we have that.  Although the teenagers were annoying we still managed to have a pretty good day :) No one sat next to us and kept bumping into us like last year thank god. I thought D was gonna lose his mind last year.