August 3, 2016

{School Time Again!}

We are officially just three weeks away from the first day of school. I don't know where the hell did the summer go?! Well, I kind of know where it went I guess. Since D got hurt at work and ended up having surgery in the middle of summer, we didn't have many options for going anywhere. But then again, it's kind of good that we couldn't go anywhere because we have our big Disney trip this December. The more money we don't spend on a summer vacation is that much more we have for our winter vacation. Anyway though, summer is over soon and I'm pretty excited about it.
Yeah, I'm not one of those moms that wants summer to last forever so that I can be around my kids 24/7. Sorry not sorry fellow moms.

I have all the kids supplies bought and packed up in their book bags. I'm planning on going shopping at some point soon to get their back to school clothes. It feels like all of them have grown so much over the summer. Even Owen, my little boy, has out grown so much of wardrobe. Gaige swears up and down and sideways that he's fine as far as clothes go, but I'm refuse to believe that. The kid wears the same ratty t-shirts and jeans every single day. I don't want him starting a new year with the same crappy clothes he insists on wearing every day. 

I managed to get everyone's supplies early, something I never do and then I'm scrambling. I didn't have to sift through left over folders at all! Woohoo! I even got everyone the cool book bags and lunch boxes they wanted.



He didn't need a new book bag this year, but I did end up getting him a new lunch bag. 

So I think we're all set as far as supplies go. I have to register everyone next week. Blah. I'm not looking forward to all that crap.

How is everyone else doing as far as school goes? Are you so ready to get those heathens out of your house? lol