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November 1, 2009

{He has new kids..}

*Sigh* Since I started this new blog a couple months ago I've tried to keep it neutral. I didn't want to make it about venting or airing my dirty laundry as my other had been. I'm at a new point in my life. I don't have a lot of drama and I can't be happier about that. I don't enjoy drama. But yet here I am. Here we go.

I went to my great-gradmothers birthday party today and my little brother informed me of something about my dad. Now, I have never had a good relationship with my father. For most of my life I think he just tolerated our presence. I have moved past that, I have a somewhat healthy relationship with him now. Sure he had to go to rehab for that to happen but who cares how it came about right? The important thing is that I feel like I finally have a dad now, one that actually cares about me. So when my little brother told me today that my dad has a girlfriend, I was a little surprised. He always said he didn't date, that he didn't feel the need. What really got me was that he said my dad took her children trick-or-treating. O_O Excuse me?? I am 26yrs old and have never been trick-or-treating with my father. So that shocked me quite a bit. Then I asked how old they are, because he said he would never date a woman who has young kids. 10 and 11. O_O Here is where I started to get a little bit upset. Then my brother told me that my dad and his girlfriend were going to Chicago, that my dad called my brother and asked him where to take her. *Sigh* Why do I feel so...hurt..about this? I'm over the fact that he treated us like crap. He has drank and done drugs our entire lives, which lead to his behavior. But then he meets this other woman and BOOM he wants to spend time with her kids?? *Sigh* So then my brother says that not only has he done the previous things but he has slowed down on his drinking he told my brother that it's about time he slowed down. What. The. F???

Don't get it twisted, I have no problem with my parents dating other people. My mother has been with her fiance for 5yrs. I don't care. It's not about that. It's about the fact that he's my dad but he never did anything like that with us. I dunno. Perhaps I'm over thinking it. It just sort of hurt my feelings, that's all.

Do you think I'm crazy?