April 7, 2017

{What's In My Teen Daughters Easter Basket?}

How is it already time for Easter posts? I feel like I was just making posts about stocking stuffers and what we what Santa was bringing. Now we're on to the Easter bunny.

Surprisingly it's a week away and I'm only 1/3 of the way done. I've got Dawn finished. She was easy thanks to Targets dollar spot. I was pretty happy to get her over with too because usually I go way over board. I've always had issues with over buying for her (which isn't surprising, there are so many more cute things for girls than boys it seems). Gaige is going to be pretty easy this year too, all he wants is money. Owen is going to be an issue. He refuses to tell me anything that he might want, so I'm on my own for ideas.

But since Dawn is done (besides candy) I thought I'd go ahead share what's in hers :).

She is pretty artsy fartsy so when I saw the stamp and ink pad and extra stamps in Targets dollar spot I picked them up. The markers were also picked up in the dollar spot.

The towel was D's idea. She tends to use two towels for one shower and with five of us using towels, that's a whole lot of laundry. We thought this way she could use her own towel and I could stop washing two loads of towels every day.

 LOL The poop pile is actually an Easter egg. Owen saw them at Walmart and thought they were hilarious. He said he thought the big kids needed one in their baskets. So I scooped them up. I think Gaige will get a kick out of it, and I know Owen will lol. 

The water bottle was $3. She's been using my old one, since she got rid of her Minnie Mouse one and broke two others, I refuse to buy her another nice one. I can handle $3 though.

The duffle bag was a free perk from spending $30 on Benefit products from Ulta. It's not quite big enough for me but she can use it as an over night bag since the one she has is too small for her clothes now.