April 14, 2017

{Today Was a Good Day}

As some might know, a month or so ago, our furnace took a big ol' crap. It hasn't been insanely cold so we've just been heating the main rooms with space heaters. Not good for the long run but it was working in a pinch. We had been planning on getting a new furnace for a while and upgrading ours to include central air. But it seemed like every time we saved up the money or had extra money, something would come up and that would put it on the back burner. Plus, we had all the window units so to be honest, I wasn't too eager to get central air. I mean, it's nice and all, I grew up with it. But it certainly wasn't a priority for me (clearly or we would have had it by now).

But since the furnace finally just pooped out on us, the house sort of decided for us that it was time to take the leap. So that's what we did today. D's grandma has used the same man/company to do her HVAC for years and so we called him up. He gave us an estimate (and the family discount ;) ) and said he could do it the next day (today). His guys were here by 10am and had it all done around 5pm. We got a digital thermostat (which is pretty common at this point right? Lol) and we instantly felt the temperature in the house change when they tested out the air. I think it's going to do the job just fine this summer. There's also a built in dehumidifier so it's going to cut down on allergies quite a bit (mainly for D because he gets them something awful!). So that was exciting today!

While the guys were here doing all that, I took Owen and Dawn to see Boss Baby.

It was a super cute movie. Owen really liked it, which says something because the kid refuses to like anything that doesn't have a ridiculous amount of fighting in it (boys...am I right?). If you're on the fence about seeing it, go. You won't regret it :).

In the evening we went for ice cream at our favorite local place. Well actually, I was taking  a bath and D took Dawn and Owen to get ice cream. When I got out of the tub, I went to get some too and Owen got more lol.

So in all I think today was a pretty good day. Not stressful at all even though there were people in and out of my house all day.

How was your Thursday? I hope you're having  a great week!