April 12, 2017

{What's in My 9 Year Old Son's Easter Basket?}

Oh lordy you guys. If you have a nine year old boy, you know my struggle right now. He is at that age where he doesn't really want toys but he also isn't old enough to just give him cash or a gift card. He still plays with his action figures and TMNT toys but he has so many of them that I don't really want to buy more to just clog up his room with. He is a little gamer in training (thanks for that by the way husband) too so he enjoys things for his PS4 more than anything else.

Now normally I try to keep the Easter basket goodies under $30 per kid. I don't think I should spend as much on Easter as I do on Christmas ya know? But this year D was helping me with the shopping, which means we always spend more and get less. *Sigh*

We ended up purchasing him the digital download code for Ghost Recon. Don't get me started. He loves those shooter games just like his dad. I would have preferred to stick to something a little simpler and a lot less expensive but D saw it and knew he wanted it, so that's what we got him.

On top of that he got a bunch of candy, some silly puddy, a couple squirt guns, a nerf gun, some more bullets for the nerf gun (which was probably the most least expensive nerf gun we have ever bought him lol). I also bought him some water balloons and a thing to use to fill them. I think they'll be fun when it warms up a little bit. He also got some toys for the tub and some bubble bath (which he still loves thank the lord).

I don't know what I'm going to do when he doesn't want anything cute in his basket anymore. He's my little boy. It won't be any fun to buy for holidays when he isn't into cute things anymore.