April 17, 2017

{Happy Easter!}

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! Mine was pretty mellow.

I filled the Easter baskets the night before (obviously) and hid a few eggs through the house for Owen to hunt. I know I already made posts about what each kid got, so I won't go down the list again. But everyone was pretty happy with what they got so it doesn't really matter. I know we added a few things after I made that post to Owen's basket. Of course I forgot to put those things in his basket so I had to play it off like the bunny dropped them in my room.

 Everyone liked everything they got.

Of course no holiday would be complete without Dawn comparing everything she got to everything the boys got. She even asked me how much Gaige got in his poop emoji egg because he had bills and she had change (I only had so much cash on me lol). Anyway, I told her he got $20. Which he didn't lol. But she was super annoyed with the thought that he got more than her. *Sigh* I don't even know about that kid...

In the afternoon we went to my grandma's house. She made homemade pizza and filled eggs to hide.

My brothers and sister were all there obviously. Along with my cousin and his wife who brought four of their kiddos. Two of whom are newborn twins. It wasn't an awful time.

So that was my Easter. How was yours?