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December 26, 2013

{I am Blessed (aka Spoiled)}

Since yesterday was kind of kid picture overload, I thought I'd go ahead and just wait until today to post what D and I got. It's not like a crazy amount of stuff but it's certainly worth a mention :).

For starters, D's grandma got the a beautiful set of candle holders. I'm putting them on the table in my entry way. She also gave me a gift card. So I see a shopping trip to Ulta and Ross in my future ;). D also got a gift card. And because it's kind of their own little tradition, she got him a wallet. He kind of goes through them...unusually fast lol.

D did really good this year when it comes to gifts for me! As usual. I mean, he has never gotten me a bad gift. He knows me like that though. Anyway- the first thing I opened was this awesomeness. He thought he was gonna be slick and tape my box shut. I'm way better at getting into a gift than he thinks I am ;)

 It's a Steve Madden! I am in love with this bag! OMG!

And these are the surprise gifts. Funny story though, he threw the bag away and left the receipt in it lol. He shouldn't have done that, cause I peeked ;). I'm a nosy bitch what do you want from me? LOL

 I seriously wanted this soooo bad!!

And this is something I didn't know I wanted until I had it lol. I told D that I needed a new hair dryer. Which I did, I've been using this Mary Kate and Ashley one for years. I'm long over due for a new one. I was so not expecting this though! It's an Ultra Chi Pro! It came with CHI Magnified Volume Foam 8.0 oz, CHI Magnified Volume Hairspray 12 oz, CHI Turbo Large Boar Brush and CHI Clips. And an awesome weekender bag! I tried it out this morning, it's friggin' amazing!!

So yeah, this has been an awesome Christmas for me :).

Oh but don't think D didn't get anything ;). I got him a wrench set that he was eye balling at Menards one day and a hat lamp thing for work. And his big thing, was a Sharper Image action camera. He has been wanting one for the last year and I finally found a deal on one at Menards on Black Friday :). I did good! :)