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December 18, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 18}

When Do you Open Gifts?

Up until last year, I have always, opened gifts on Christmas Day. But last year we had to switch it up a little bit.

D was working days last year and when they offered him Christmas Day, he accepted. Which annoyed the piss out of me because I don't believe anyone should work on Christmas Day. 

So after opening gifts with D's grandma on Christmas Eve we came home and let the kids open their gift from us. Santa still came that night of course, but because D was working all day we couldn't dig into the gifts like we normally would. But I couldn't handle making them wait for everything, and almost broke down and let them go ahead and open it all lol. So I set up my laptop and recorded them opening their stockings instead :). I uploaded it to YouTube so that D could watch at work too. It was pretty friggin' genius if you ask me.

Later they got to open gifts when D got home. So it was still on Christmas Day, just a little later ;)

This year we're also doing Christmas Eve boxes. They're getting PJ's, A movie, hot chocolate mix, a new cup, and popcorn. I might go ahead and get them some kind of candy too just to make it more movie theaterish. It's gonna be a good time :)