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December 21, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 21}

Do you Travel on Christmas?

Absolutely not lol. 
No one that I spend Christmas with lives far enough away to travel to their house. The closest thing to traveling that we do on Christmas is going to my uncles about half an hour away. When I was a kid this part was at my dads parents (now it's at his brothers usually).

Funny story: On our way out to the farm (where my dads parents live) every single year, my dad would give us the same speech. "You don't act a fool. You say please and thank you. I don't care if you already have something they got you, you say thank you and act like you like it." It was basically the same thing every year. Same words and all lol. And now going to familys houses for Christmas I tend to give the same speech to my kids. Except I tell them if they act a fool I will return their stuff and they won't have anything. 

I would love to travel some time for Christmas though. I keep trying to convince D that we should go to a cabin or something for Christmas one year, but he refuses to do it. He's a party pooper.

Does your family travel for Christmas? Where do you go?