December 8, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 8}

Pictures of Christmas Decor

Oh girls, I wish you could have seen the Christmas decor my grandmother used to set up. Pictures don't do it justice (which is fine because I don't have any *sad face*). At one point she had 23 Christmas in her house, lights on every tree outside, and snowflakes hanging on ceiling in the living room. It was a true winter wonderland. Everyone who came over said something about how awesome it was. Which is probably why I'm so into decorating for Christmas myself :)

This is my Christmas tree. My grandma had it in her living room room for years and I always said that someday it would be in my living room :). For probably 10 years it sat in my grandparents ginormous storage shed where they hosted Christmas parties for our family. But this year my grandma decided not to do the parties anymore, that they were far too expensive and too much work. Not to mention my grandpa just kept stuffing more junk in there and nothing was going out o.O .

The tree is one of those old ones, you have to put each branch on one at a time, fluffing it as you go to make it look full. Originally my grandma said that it was a 10ft tree, it's obviously not now though. How did that happen? Oh she cut off some of the "trunk" so that it wouldn't show so much on the bottom. (Now do you all see where I get it? lol) Now it's about 8 1/2- 9ft. Which is perfect for our living room :) I'm so beyond excited to get a tree like this finally.

Each ornament on here has a memory attached. Each ornament reminds me of someone or a part of that Christmas or that holiday season for that year. The flag star (although you can't see the one at the very top which is pink with pearls on it...naturally ;) ) there that you see, was my great uncles. My grandma had it on there for the parties, and I put it back when I decorated it for my house. I thought it fit. And I love having a piece of my family on the tree.

Now the next tree is the one we've had for several years. Just a generic 7ft, pre-lit tree that we got on sale at walmart one year. Nothing super special. When I told G that we were going to put the big tree up downstairs he asked if we could put this tree up in his room. But there was nowhere to really put it. So we put it up in the toy room instead. He put on ornaments that my grandma had on the big tree and some Rudolph ornaments she gave me last year that she wasn't going to use. The best part of the whole tree though is the large star at the top of it. You know that Christmas I was telling you about in my last post where the family went to the cabin one year and we didn't get to go? Well, they cut down their own tree and my uncle made this star for the top. It's just cardboard and tin foil but it's awesome none the less. G loves having it up there. :)

Christmas of course isn't just about the tree(s). I've got other goodies set up too :)

The candy cane lantern that my grandmother didn't want anymore. And of course the cup and plate for Santas cookies & milk. My mom got these when we were kids and I hijacked them when G was little. Now Little Boy loves to put out the milk & cookies :)

We can't forget the snowman nativity scene that I love and other snowman cuteness :)

I of course have more things sitting out and hung up, but I think that's enough for now. How about you show me pictures of your Christmas decor? :)