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December 10, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 10}

Favorite Holiday Scent

 I love all things smelly good about Christmas! I think my favorite though is the smell of cinnamon though. You know when you walk into the seasonal department of Wal-Mart and you get hit in the face with that overwhelming smell of cinnamon that is covering those bags of pine cones. Its by far my favorite. 

Right now though I'm loving the smell of the Vanilla Snowflake wallflower from Bath & Body Works. Its smells like fresh baked cookies. I have it plugged in right inside the back door so when you step inside you think you're gonna get fresh baked sugar cookies :). In fact D thought in was baking when I plugged it in at first lol.

I highly advise you to walk through Wal-Mart and possibly pick you up some awesome smelling pine cones and head to bath & body works to pick up a wallflower or 2 or 3. Or maybe one for each room lol.