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January 2, 2014

{Happy New Year!!}

WELCOME 2014!!!

This year I am going to let go of past grudges. I'm going to live my life as drama free as possible. And I'm not going to care what others think of me (not that I do too much now ;) ).

I know that most people are posting about resolutions and goals for the coming year but let's face it, if I talk about them I'm not going to follow through with them. At least that seems to be my way. So I will just say that I have a couple goals in mind and I'm hoping yo accomplish at least one lol. I'm sure I will blog about them eventually but not while they're still new and I haven't hit my stride yet.

I know some people are posting about the past year too. I'm not doing that. I want to leave 2013 and all its crap right where it is. I want to start fresh this year. So be gone 2013 drama...time to kick rocks :).

So just because I'm not talking about my future plans doesn't mean I don't want to hear about yours. Did you make any resolutions this year? Do you think you'll actually stick to them? Lol Good luck those that did!