December 10, 2013

{The Naughty List}

I am beyond annoyed with the behavior of my drama queen. She is disrespectful and rude. So I did what any mother would do at this time of year, I contacted Santa ;) He came through of course and left her a letter on the tree the other night :).

Dear Dawn,

I wish this letter was one full of praise, but much like last year, its not. After speaking with your mother and father, and peeking in on you at school, I see that your behavior and attitude have not only not changed but have gotten worse. The amount of disrespect you show your parents (especially your mother) and your teachers and even your classmates, is appalling. And it is because of this that I am writing you this letter now.
Because nothing has changed from last year, I have no choice but to put you on the Naughty List. As you know children on the Naughty List will no longer receive the gifts they've asked for and will instead recieve coal in their stockings and no gifts under the tree. I hate putting children on the Naughty List as I love to give gifts. Sometimes it just has to be done, and in your case I believe it's a necessary decision.
Just as I was writing you off as another naughty non-believer Mrs. Claus came up with a way for you to earn back your gifts! You must complete the following 5 tasks by 8pm on the night before Christmas Eve for you to earn back your gifts (this includes the gifts your parents purchased, as I've instructed them to return them should you not complete these tasks).
1.Write a letter of apology to your family (1 paragraph per person)
2. Complete 1 truly unselfish act. Be it for your family or someone outside your home.
3. Do one kind thing for both of your brothers.
4. Complete the next 2wks of school having no points taken from your behavior chart at school.
5. Show your parents (and other adults) respect. No arguing or back talking when asked to do something you would rather not do.

Complete these tasks Dawn and perhaps you will see your stocking full and your gifts under the tree. Don't complete them and you will receive nothing. Know that I will be watching and I have my ways of knowing when you've completed the items on this list. I hope to see your name back on the Nice List, but that is up to you.

Good Luck Dawn!

She freaked out a little bit when she read it cause she doesn't know how she's gonna manage to get all those things done in 2wks. But I told her she needs to make an effort. The points I won't be quite as on top of her about. But the other stuff has to be done. And I will follow through.

We shall see what happens.