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December 26, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Day 25}

What did Everyone Get for Christmas this Year?

So here it is, the "what did you get for Christmas" post! I love seeing what others got for Christmas! So I'll start with the kids and go on from there.
Dawn: from Santa
2 shirts
2 pairs of pants
Galaxy Tab 3
Case for Galaxy tab 3
4 Monster High Dolls
MP3 Player
2 Fashion Pictures for her wall

Gaige: from Santa
Galaxy Tab 3
Case for the Galaxy
Paintball blow "dart" gun
MP3 Player
2 Ammo Boxes
Camo hunting cover
Drill that looks like a gun

Owen: from Santa
Shredder Figure
Splinter Figure
Turtle Ear Buds
Turtle Ooze Car
Play Doh
Turtle tub dart board
Turtle pillow pet (the one that lights up)
Turtle chair type pillow lol
2 shirts
Galaxy case (cause he got Gaiges GT2)

So yeah. Not to mention all the goodies they got at D's grandmas house.

So that's what the heathens got. For the most part anyway lol. We have my moms Christmas on Saturday and the siblings Christmas also on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have my dads side to go to. *Sigh* It's kind of a busy weekend. So I'm sure there will be tons of more pictures.