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December 22, 2013

{25 Days of Blogmas: Days 22 & 23}

Since Day 22s question was a hard one to blog and make its own post I thought I would combine the 2 and make this post a little longer. So here we go :).

Day 22: Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?

If I absolutely had to choose I would gowith hot chocolate. I had never had eggnog until last year my MIL made it and I tell you what...*gag* I couldn't even handle that stuff! And I don't see how people can drink it or why its a favorite holiday drink at all. So gross! I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate either but at least I can drink that without wanting to puke lol.

Day 23: What are Your Plans for 2014?

Honestly I haven't really thought about it. I want to really start working on the house. We have so much to get done to it and I would love to have it be all pretty so that I can host our siblings Christmas again next year :). But all the stuff we want to do takes money and we tend to not have as much of that with 3 kids lol.

If I could just get my new TV and the fireplace built in the living room I think it would make me happy :).

In the summer we plan to take the kids to Disney! Shhh! That's a secret though. If I talk too much about it or get too excited it won't happen lol.

As far as plans go that's about it. Nothing too exciting. I don't like to make a lot of plans too early because when I do that I'm always disappointed.

OK now its your turn!