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June 30, 2013

{2 Amazing Weightloss Apps}

If you are anythig like me there is no task that you don't have an application for on your phone. I have a list app and a shopping list app. I have games I play and ones my kids like to play. I even have apps to track my fitness and calories. Which are the 2 I'll be posting about today :).

I have tried plenty of weightloss apps. But I always come back to My Fitness Pal. And since its most recent update it has become even more user friendly! I add the foods I eat in my tracker and it keeps track of how many calories I'm consuming daily. I like this mainly because I can see where I'm going wrong in my diet and try to adjust it. It also lets me know when I'm snacking more during the day.

The 2nd app that my friend just shared with me is Runtastic. I use it mainly as a pedometer but you can also earn points and get awesome gift cards through it too! I was pretty jazzed about that :). If you pay for pro then you can also find out how many calories you've burned. I don't find that necessary though because when you sync with mfp it tells you how many calories you've burned during that session. Its a good app :)

So there you have it. If you're looking to get some use out of your phone while you're trying to lose those love handles :)