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June 22, 2013

{Road Trippin Series Part 6 or Day 2}

Oh man I did not sleep worth a crap last night. Not that the room was uncomfortable or anything but because the bed was way too soft. Not only that but I knew that we needed to up kind of early to get to the City Museum before it got too hot. I also knew that we all could have easily slept the entire day cause we were so tired. Oh and lets not forget that I don't sleep well without noise and the room being totally dark. The kids were watching a movie when I passed out so it was naturally on all night. All those things together make for a very restless sleep for mommy.
D woke us all up at about 730 and we got moving to check out of the hotel. Everyone was pretty good about getting up and getting dressed. We were out the door by 830. Most of that time was me getting ready lol. Sorry guys! Mommy has to be presentable lol. We checked out of the hotel and then headed to the McDonalds up the street for breakfast.
And then we were off to City Museum. Now I'm gonna make a post with a bunch of pics soon but I just have to say this place is amazing! I wasn't sure about it when we were driving through some pretty crappy streets to get there but when I saw the building I was in awe!
We were there from 9am to 230. And let me just say I was so glad we got there that early cause we were able to see and do everything before it got crowded.
After that we started home :). Stopping in Springfield at the mall to do some shopping. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without though and the only thing we left with was 2 bones for the dogs lol. I think I would have had a better time had it been me and a friend or something.
We got home in no time. Why exactly is it that it takes longer to get somewhere than it does to get home?
I was happy to see the puppies. And even happier that they hadn't pooped and peed all over the place lol.
Alrighty...so there you have it. I'll do a couple others posts about the hotel and posting pics of our adventures. I did not get pics of the room like I wanted :( but I can still write a little review just in case someone wants to stay there should they venture that way. So stay tuned!