June 20, 2013

{Road Trippin Series Part 4 or All Packed Up}

We leave tomorrow! Oh em gee! I'm so excited!

I wanted to film a snacks video but no one would leave me alone lol, so I just took some pics and that'll do ;)

That is the "trunk" of my car. In the front (closest to the door) we have a blanket for everyone. Mine is the green one on the bottom, then G's camo one, Drama Queens peace one, and Little Boys red one. I also managed to remember G's blanket that he sleeps with every night.  Next to the blankets is mine and D's suitcase. It has all our clothes in it plus my make up, hair stuff, body wash, all that fun stuff.

I was so bummed that I couldn't get all the clothes into 1 suitcase. I thought for sure I could do it. But no. So the boys are sharing a small camo duffel and Drama Queen has her Care Bear bag. Next to that is the treat bag and the cooler. I think we're doing pretty good :)

The kids also have their body pillows or "car pillows" that I made. Little Boy tried his out today while running some last minute errands and he loves it :)

I was going to make a separate post for snacks but since this one was short, I'll just get into it on this one too.

In the cooler there are pepsi's, juice boxes, and capri suns. I stuffed some of those ice pops in there too. I think that's plenty to drink for a 6hr car ride (there and back).

In the snack bag I have small boxes of cereal (apple jacks, corn pops, and fruit loops), mini marshmallows (that are actually for ice cream but Little Boy likes to eat them out of the jar), chocolate chip cookies that I made the other day, and about 6 bags of chips. Nothing overly exciting really. I'm also going to be adding strawberries to the mix but there was no room in the cooler and I know they'll eat those first anyway. Oh! I almost forgot. At the bottom of the snack bag, hidden so they don't eat them 10min after we leave, are 2 boxes of fruit roll ups (found at Deals for $1 each) and 3 bags of Scooby fruit snacks (also for $1 at Deals). I think they'll be a welcome surprise :)

I think that's about wraps it up :). Stay tuned to see what we're taking for entertainment!