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June 21, 2013

{Road Trippin Series Part 5 or Day 1}

Today (June 21) started for us at 3:30am instead of 5:30 like we originally planned. G decided to set his alarm for 3 and it woke up all 3 of them (D, Drama Queen, & G). I got up when I heard people making noise in the living room. We decided to go ahead and leave as soon as everyone was ready instead of waiting. So at it was we got on the road 45min ahead of schedule. We drove about an hour and a half and stopped to feed hungry tummies at Love's truck stop. The McDonald's there was kind of amazing. I usuallu hate McDonald's breakfast. And then we were off again.
Making it to St Louis is record time by 7:30am. We decided to check out the hotel even though the website said check in wasn't until 3pm. Its a good thing we did cause there was a room open and we checked in right away :). After putting all our things in the room and checking out the pool we headed to Magic House.
I have tk say that I was mildly disappointed that we got through it in only 2hrs. Although thr kids had a blast and everyone thought it was awesome. We were lucky that we got there early because at the end of our 2hrs the place was getting crowded and there were too many kids for us.
After since it was only about 11:30am D convinced us to go to Maremac Caverns. He had G convinved the second he said it was a hide out for Jesse James lol. So we did that and I gotta say it was pretty awesome! Walking back in the cave and seeing all that natural awesomeness was just too cool. I don't even know any other words to describe it lol. We had lunch there also and visited the gift shop.  Drama Queen ended up with a little turtle figure and Little Boy got a wooden gun (joy *eye roll*). G couldn't find anything he couldn't live without. The boat ride on the river was pretty cool too and we saw some turtles and a snake lol.
After all that we headed back to the hotel..at which time out GPS decided to take us in complete circles avoiding our hotel completely and that caused a cranky husband. Back at the hotel however a nice log swim in the indoor/outdoor pool made it all better. Everyone relaxed..a little too much actually lol. The kids were complaining about being hungry and us adults were complaining that it was time for bed lol. But we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant.  Although expensive it was so worth it!
And that brings me to right now. We are currently all far too full to move and sitting here watching movies :). There are more pics to come and a review of the hotel but I'll leave you with these few pics that I can upload from my phone.