June 23, 2013

{Road Trippin' Part 7 or Hotel Review}

When I first started searching for hotels, I had no idea what I was doing lol. I had never reserved a hotel before...and I'm 30. So I was scared that something would get screwed up. Luckily, it didn't!

We stayed at the Marriott by the airport. When I booked the hotel I requested 2 queen beds but when D checked us in early they had a room with double beds so we took that instead cause it was done.

The room was clean and because I worked in a hotel as housekeeping for a short time, I know to check it over like crazy lol. I honestly didn't see any problems at all with it as far as cleanliness.

However, I'm pretty sure the expedia.com description of the room/hotel said that every room comes with a microwave and a fridge. It didn't have either. The microwave I could have done without and been fine, but I really could have used that fridge. *sigh* Nothing worth a bad review over though.

The pool was cool :) It was indoor/outdoor which means there was a glass divider in the middle and you could swim under it to get to either side. The kids loved that :). There was a fitness room that I saw no point in using lol. And the hot tub felt kind of amazing.

The beds were comfortable but too soft for D and myself.

The downsides (besides the no microwave/fridge) were that the carpet felt disgusting under my feet. For real. And of course the renovations that were going on all over the place were not ideal. But it was nothing that really caused a problem.

For dinner we decided to head down to the hotel restaurant and see what they had to offer. After a long day of driving and then walking around at Magic House and the Caverns, we had no desire to deal with more driving to find somewhere to eat. I have to say it was so good! Little Boy's meal was free (yay for having a 5yr old! lol), which helped because he doesn't really eat in public (weirdo kid). The food that was eaten though, was just amazing!

D got the steak (rare), mashed potatoes, and veggies. Of course I got a bite and it was so good. I don't even like rare steak. But he loved it too. I had the cheese tortellini with chicken. It was so good too! I'm pretty picky about my tortellini too. Everything was so delicious! G & Little Boy both had chicken strips/fries and Drama Queen had a cheese cquesadilla. They all 3 enjoyed their food (well, Little Boy enjoyed the 3 fries he ate *eye roll*).

I am so glad I chose this hotel. And if I were to go back to St Louis I'd stay at the same place.