June 18, 2013

{Road Trippin Part 3 or our hotel pt 1}

Is it weird that I'm 30 years old and I have never had to book a hotel before? D and I didn't go on a honeymoon (yet.) and before that I always went with my grandparents either in the motorhome or my grandmother made the hotel arrangements. So this was a totally new experience for me.
What made it harder was D's insisting on a pool; both indoor and outdoor and an arcade. Although I found a couple that filled the pool requirements I couldn't find an actual arcade in any of the hotels. A lot of them had a few games but none of them had one that was worth the extra money to stay there.
I finally found the St Louis Airport Marriott. I loved the rooms and the pool isn't indoor outdoor but there seems to be a lot of windows up above it. And its about 20-30min from all the attractions that we want to hit while there.
Now if you look at that price on that website..$324/night. Yeah..I was shocked at that too when I looked at it. But because we booked through expedia we got it for way cheaper!! Wait for it... $145 and that's with tax!! I can't believe that deal!! No way would I have booked a $300 a night hotel normally. I had no idea that's what they went for until looking at the website I linked. I am soooo excited!! I've never stayed in a nice hotel before.
Anyway- so I would say if you're going to book a hotel, check out the booking sites and see what kind of amazing deals you can get :). It might save you a ton.
Oh and I will post pics of thr hotel in person too :)