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June 28, 2013

{Road Trippin' Part 10 or City Museum}

I was skeptical about City Museum when D said we should go there. I figured it'd be like any other museum and the kids would think it was boring as hell. But to my surprise, it wasn't! It was friggin' awesome! The fact that we had to go through a not so lovely part of the city to get it to it had me concerned but then we turned the corner and saw this...

The kids were all 3 automatically excited! On the inside it was even more impressive. There were tons of sculptures you could climb on and walk through. The kids had a blast.
My 2 boys waiting patiently.

Since it was ridiculously hot we decided to tackle the roof first so we wouldn't have to deal with the heat. Good idea right?

These next 2 pictures are of the school bus that was hanging over the side of the building. It was pretty cool and extremely frightening all at the same time.

This one is of the inside of a water tower I think. You could crawl down that hole and end up...I have no idea where cause my ass wasn't about to go there lol.

This was a large sphere thing that you could climb all the way to the top of. Obviously they didn't do that, it was too high for Little Boy and there were people taking forever at the top.

And the best part (for me anyway) was the ferris wheel! It's one of my favorite rides ever and I was excited to see the view from on top of a building :) It was Little Boys first ferris wheel ride too, which made it that much more exciting! He loved it by the way!

I took some video of other stuff on roof. I'm posting those on my facebook ;)

And here we have some of the inside. My cameras battery was running low and so I was conserving battery.

There was also some other videos of the inside, they're too long for blogger and facebook though. So I uploaded them to youtube ;)

There was also an awesome little aquarium in there too.

There were a lot of awesome animals! Including those Doctor Fish that eat the dead skin! That was pretty cool.

So there we have it :) If you're ever in St. Louis head on over, it's so cool! And your kids will love it!!