June 13, 2013

{Road Trippin' Series - Part 1 or Sleepy Heads}

D and I have decided that we're not going to Disney this year. I know. I'm bummed about it. But I think it'd be a better idea to wait. That way I have longer to talk him into buying a camper ;-). We are still going to take a vacation though and I could not be more excited about it! This will be our first actual vacation in about, oh, I'd say 10yrs. Sure we went to Georgia when we first started dating for my brothers Army Grad. and we went to Iowa 2010. But that has been it.

We I have decided on St. Louis. We can go to Six Flags which is something he insisted on (but I'm still not sure about) and I found Magic House also that we're going to go to :). I'm really excited about Magic House I think the kids are gonna freak out! :) We will also do some exploring and see what we can find to do. Not to mention the hotel pool. Naturally we'll be spending some time in that lol.

But because I'm the over planner that I am, I have already started thinking about putting together lists of what we're going to need to take. It's gonna be about a 2 1/2hr car ride. I want to make it as enjoyable as possible. Of course, when I was younger road trips were my favorite part of summer. My grandparents were always loading us into their extra large (very outdated) motor home to take us to TN usually. We also went to FL a couple times I'm told but I don't remember that, and of course Ark to visit family. But in a large motor home you can fit a lot more stuff than you can in my Hyundai Tuscon. So extra planning and over preparing is kind of necessary. We were free to move around and do as we pleased, our kids won't have the luxury (see why we need a camper babe?) so I have to figure out how to keep them all 3 comfortable for 2 1/2hrs.

Naturally to do this, I took to pinterest. I do love that site. And I came across the seat belt pillow. What a great idea! I know my kids aren't the only ones that fall asleep in the car. Little Boy does it pretty much every time we are in there for more than 15min. So I'm seeing some sleeping small people in our road trippin' future. And of course because he's still in a 5 point harness, his head tends to fall forward when he does sleep. Which in turn gives him a headache and a neck ache when he wakes up. Not to mention it makes me uncomfortable to just see him sleeping that way. So I thought, why not make each of the kids one of these??

If I make them each one, there's no need to have bulky pillows in the seat with them. We can easily put their pillows in the back with the luggage. That will give them a lot more room to store their "carry on" bags (which I will explain in a later post since we're obviously not flying to St. Louis). And, I can fold it and just leave it in the car for Little Boy for when we're in the car on a regular day. I'm sure he will love it.

And this brings me to the exciting part! The pictures of the finished products! (I have no idea why it's upside down blogger isn't letting me flip it and the laptop doesn't show it like that.)

They each got their own design and I filled them with full so that they would feel like a real pillow. :) I think they're going to love them. Of course, I'm not going to give them to them until we're on our trip. Just a little surprise for their enjoyment on the day of :).