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January 30, 2010

{Toddlers without their siblings}

I will never again scold the drama queen and G for wanting to play without Bug for a while. He is a serious pain in the ass today. The kids hasn't pulled his out of my ass entertained himself all day. Now I know he's only 2yrs old and I'm supposed to entertain him a little, but he has always been able to go off in the toy room and play by himself for a while, since he was like a year old he has been doing this. I guess I took it for granted. Never again will I scold the Drama Queen and G for wanting to play without him sometimes. I was attempting to take pictures of the dogs (hoping to get one good enough to use as my header for my new treat site) and the entire time he was getting in the shots, putting things on the chair, and being an around pain. I got like 3 good shots of the dogs because if he wasn't up in their faces, D was. *Sigh* It drove me absolutely crazy!! I'll be glad when he's older so he wants nothing to do with me some of the time, instead of needing camp out at my feet 24 hours a day. *Ugh*

Speaking of G he was put on meds for his ADHD and has only been on them a few days. It's going to take a little while for his body to adjust to them and start working. Well, my grandmother (who takes him a lot of the weekends) called me today saying, "I don't think those pills are working do you?" I replied with I don't know. They have to have time to kick in. She wants him off of them, I know she does. Then she texts me and says, "I can deffinately tell a difference on that medicine." Um..OK I thought you couldn't? I asked how she could tell a difference and she said he was "talkative" and "spacey" lol. My kid is always talkative and spacey *haha*. So yeah. So once again I told her that it's going to take a while before we see much of an improvement, if there's even going to be one on this dosage. He might need it upped. We won't know. I e-mailed his teacher though and asked her to watch for changes too. I have every confidence that we are going to get this under control and get this kid straightened out. It kind of annoys me that she thinks she knows better than I do. I'm his mother. Deal with it. Thanks.

D brought up a good idea, since neither of our kids seem to want to listen and give us fits about everything, we should have a little competition between the 2 of them. Who can keep their room cleanest, who can do their homework without fighting us, who can get home from the bus stop without lingering (which both of them seem to do). I hope it helps. I'm so bothered by how they don't listen and how we have to fight with them ever-little-thing they do. *ugh* We shall see.

Alrighty- I better go now.