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September 2, 2016

{More School Supplies?}

I am so confused by the why the hell it is that this year we had a huge list of supplies for all three kids, then Gaige and Dawn go to school and end up with another list of supplies they need!

Dawn came home with a list from two different teachers saying what she needed for those classes. Now tell me why the hell they couldn't all just get together and make one big list so I can pick everything up at once instead of having to run back to friggin' Target to spend more money? She even had a list of things that could only be purchased at school. What? When I was in High School they didn't do that. The school didn't attempt to sell anything but PE clothes and a lock to the students lol. I could have bought the stuff she wanted from Hobby Lobby (it was for Art) but the sketchbook they wanted her to have was going to cost me $15 if I bought it on my own. What the hell?? Oh, and she had to have a folder with the little tabs around the holes for art too. Apparently she even almost got a detention for not having one? What? How the hell were we supposed to know that we needed something like that? They didn't tell us specific folders, she just needed folders and notebooks. That's it. I would have never even thought to buy those kind of folders. I never used them when I was in high school.

Then there's Gaige, who took in a notebook for every class but apparently didn't have one or maybe the right kind of art? He never told me that he needed another one so I didn't buy anymore. Then I look at skyward and he has a 0/5 for supplies? lol What? They're grading them on if they have supplies or not? That's beyond stupid. So one of his teachers ended up giving him a notebook that he could use. Which makes me feel kind of like an asshole parent because I didn't even know he needed it. I really wish his teachers would communicate better with me about things. I really hope it gets better as the year goes on.

I'm waiting for Owens teacher to send in another list of shit he needs too.