January 8, 2010

{Another new one...aaal-right}

So how do we all feel about my layout? I liked the circles but I just bought this kit from Delicious Scraps for just $.99!! I LOVE it! I hate that she's closing though :(. She's one of my favorites along with Ellie Lash who closed her store in Nov-Oct. sometime. Sad to see such talented girls go. But there are plenty of ones still left. So yeah, run on over DS and get yourself some awesome (and way affordable) kits! :)

The 365 Challenge...Laughter. I never seem to catching my small people laughing but I can most certainly catch them doing something goofy or cheezin' for the camera lol. So here is one of Bug givin' me a big CHEEEEEZE LOL. He looks SO hilarious in this picture!!

Alrighty- I guess that's pretty much it. Later kids!