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September 9, 2016

{Our New Addition}

Let me just start by saying I am as shocked as you are that I'm making this post. For years I have said that I don't want any more pets. The two dogs and cat are sometimes more than I can or want to handle. D was in agreement. He went a step further and told me I could get another dog when Boss dies (which is never going to happen, so that's a no to a new puppy).

I guess someone decided I needed another pet though.

D and I went to Petco on Saturday to pick up some pet food and while walking back to the registers he stops and says Oh look there's kittens over here. My first thought was I don't even want to look at them, I'm not getting one. But he insisted we look. There were three little 10 week old kittens. Two of them were black and white, adorable. But when I saw the third, I fell in love. This little black male kitten was sitting next to the glass, meowing and begging to be played with.

I fell hard. He was so sweet and playful and cute. I begged D to let me have him. I don't think I've begged this hard for something since I got Prissy.

To my surprise he asked the employee to get him out and let us see him in the play room. He started purring the second we got our hands on him. We let him run around the cat tree they have in there and watched him for quite a while, interacting with him and giving him loves.

We decided to go ahead and put an application in. He was being adopted out by animal control and there were two other applications in for him too. We thought it was a long shot that we'd get him. But we walked away hopeful. I have wanted a black kitten my entire life.

To my surprise Tuesday afternoon (because Monday was Labor Day) I got a call from animal control asking if I was still interested in him to which I said of course! I told him that I would be to animal control the next morning to pay his adoption fee.

Before D and I headed over the next morning, we stopped at Petco again to see if he was still there and he was! So we got him out and played with him for a bit longer. Of course I managed to get a few pictures of him!

The foster he was with named him Night. We named him Thackery Binx. Yes folks, we named him after a character on a Disney movie (Hocus Pocus...seriously who doesn't love that movie?).

When we went to pay his adoption fee they said he would be picked up for his neuter either that same day or the next and we would probably be able to pick him up Friday. That worked for us!

But this afternoon (Thursday) I got a call from the vet saying that they had him done and he was ready to be picked up. D and I hopped in the car and went right to Petco to buy some goodies for him.

We picked up a new litter tray by So Phresh in lime green (I wanted the blue one I saw online but they didn't have any) and a really cool hood (which I've discovered he's not too fond of so I just took it off for now). We also got him a You & Me Cat Tree, Bowl Mate bowls, Two collars (which were a mistake because we can't see them on him lol), and a package of three mice to chase (which he loves).

I picked him up from the vet right after picking up Owen from school and we came right home. Owen was super excited to have a new kitty. Especially one that plays with him lol.

Gaige asked me if we could trade him in for a dog. Dawn immediately plotted to get him up stairs where she could hold him prisoner.

The dogs were curious, and as I expected Boss was super jealous. He doesn't like anything coming near his mama lol. Prissy had fun with him. Urmah hates him. Blah. But everyone will eventually get used to each other.

He spent the afternoon and most of the evening running from one end of the house to the other. He ate about five different times, used his litter box (after I took the hood off), and even took about 30 minute nap on me.

In all, I think we've got a pretty good kitty in our house :)