January 3, 2010

{Back to Reality}

Good-bye sleeping in. Good-bye spending time with D. Good-bye cuddling all morning with my baby boy. It's time to say hello to 6:30am, homework, and fights between two 7yr olds. *sigh* As much as I hate to go back to the grind, I'm actually glad that the drama queen will be going back. She is clearly bored at home since it's too cold to play outside. She was bored with Christmas gifts about 2 days after she opened them *eye roll*. So I'll be glad to get her out of the house and back to her regular schedule. G has been with my grandparents most of this break so really, I haven't spent a whole lot of time with him.

Last night I got to clean up puke. Bug had been feeling bad all day yesterday, very clingy, and pretty much just wanting to sleep. I gave him some meds but they weren't helping. He didn't have a fever until last night and it was 100. Then at about 3:00am he coughed and ended up losing his tea all over my pillows and a little on my sheets. I gave him a bath and got him cleaned up. He slept after that. I think something was upsetting his belly. He also hadn't gone #2 all day yesterday and he usually goes at least once in the morning. So I figured that was part of his problem too. Luckily I had a clean set of sheets ready to be put on the bed, so I didn't have to sleep with nothing (I hate that). He's feeling a ton better today though and even went potty in the potty..like..POOP! Woohoo! lol (Only a mother could get that excited about poop in the potty lol)

Now on to something fun! After stumbling across this blog/digiscrap design site I decided to participate in her challenge! So fun! I love taking pictures and this will expand my picture taking from the kids and dogs to other things! This weeks challenge: Collections. I collected barbies, american girl dolls, and backstreet boys stuff through out my childhood and teen years. Now I seem to be just collecting books :). All kinds. I love to read!

I guess that's pretty much all I have to say today! Hope you enjoyed reading about baby vomit and all that mommy jazz :)