January 6, 2010

{A wedding..but not mine}

My mother and her long time boyfriend got married this afternoon. I was the maid of honor (cause I'm her favorite. Suck it up!) but it wasn't like you walk in and hold flowers and stuff. We just all went in and boom it started. Nothing too special. Super nice to know that they're finally married though lol. Hard to believe I have a step-dad. Weird. Anyway- here are some pics.

Clock-wise starting down front: Bug, Me, Dustin (brother), Tim (BIL), Caleb (brother), Miranda (sister), Monkey (nephew), and in the center is my mom.

PawPaw Ivan and Bug

Yeah, I got some other ones, but my camera was giving me fits. So they sucked. The lighting in that space was horrible for picture taking with a regular camera.

And..for todays 365 Challenge pic, the hint was "Where you live" but no one wants to see my house lol. Trust me. So...instead a picture of 2 that I live with :)